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Category: Silver

Father of Nathan, and Alice, husband

of Stéfany, we both work in photography, he has lived in Japan

for 8 years. 

His biggest hobby is discovering new places.

Photographer who works in multi-niche photography,

specialist for 5 years.

He has photographed weddings, pre-weddings, large-scale

organizational events in general, such as events for

consulates and embassies, maternity, newborn,

smash cake, children's , sweet 16, female

shoots, family, the traditional Japanese coming-of-age

celebration 成人式のお祝い

-Seijin-shiki no oiwai-


graduations, birthdays, baby showers, baby gender reveal,

business photoshoot or corporate rehearsals, products,

store sessions, book for models, among others.

He loves what he does and his biggest goal is to be able to

deliver his art, which will contribute and last to future

generations in the best way possible.


Stories told by Jonathan...

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